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the creepy cafeteria and the bone chilling butcher shop were our themes this year. we served up candy and popcorn as treats but it was the show most people came for - and what a show it was.....click on the thumbnails to see a full photo and caption

Pamela & Angelica
Closet monster
Cafeteria table
Sam and kid
Butcher shop
Samuel popcorn machine
Sam in action
Bubbling soup
Boys popcorn machine
Butcher table side
Cutting board close up
Grinder from side
Sam the butcher
Sam side view
Pamela bat wing
Sam and Samuel
Sam and Cop
Sam pamela wide shot
Sam & Pamela smoky shot
Sam & Pamela tight shot
Pamela icky face
Broken ladle
Cafeteria table side view
Angelica &  Chase
Meat grinder
Butcher table
Big and strong
Strong teeth bones
Got 0pos
Kitty livers
Rat stew
Bat wings
Gut ghoulash
Eyeball soup
Pus bottle
Samuel and sam at table
Both tables with sam
Butcher table side close view
Chop shop