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26 October 2006



This is beautiful! A really cool project! Love it!


beautiful :)

Maureen (DolphinDesigns)

What a great idea, love this creative piece.

Roxanne Bagley

So cool! I am totaly tempted to do this for my self!
Love the Idea! I even have a empty box.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Rox -


Very cool! What a great idea -- and she even has the "guide" inside the lid! Love that! I also really like the outside of the lid -- makes me want to try something like that.


This is such a great idea and so very thought provoking. Great job.

carol callaway :)

AMAZING artwork! I wish I could hold it in my hands and see it up close. Thanks for sharing!

carol :)


It is a great project. I know it'll be one you and your family treasure!

PROLIX from la Normandie

It's so yeah-yeah!


what a great project, love it all. I like the guide, awesome idea!!!


Awesome! Best of luck, Suzanne, with your degree!


Love, love, love it!!!! What a great way to present the many facets of "you"! (And not one of your chocolates had that yucky orange creme center! LOL!)


Beautiful. What a neat idea. I may have to sacrafice a box of chocolates for this and make one myself.

Tina Freeman

That is stunningly beautiful! Wowzers! Thanks so much for the inspriation!!


i totally love this!


I 'like' this piece on so many levels [including 'sleep-deprived genius'!]. Without getting into the whole art/craft schlamozzle, I appreciate the various techniques you employed--collage, assemblage & found-art.

I genuinely like the concept & your handling of it. This BOC [life] is a work-in-progress. The viewer knows that some of sweets have been consumed & some await consumsion. It's not a BOC newly-opened or emptied & I like the feeling that the 'owner' is still deciding which piece to try next..

So glad you shared it with us.

Suzanne Altomare aka Suzanne Califf

Just looking up my Birth name and found this. What a great idea, how wild to find someone with the same name great job. e-mail me if you wish.

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